Is Bulwark the future of Privacy Focusses POS/Masternode Cryptocurrencies

With bitcoin, Ethereum etc. all hogging up the limelight due to their rising prices, investors are turning to the lesser known cryptocurrencies to make greater profits and Bulwark is surely one project catching the eye. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

What is Bulwark

Bulwark is a privacy-based cryptocurrency initially started as a PIVX fork in late 2017. But unlike similar cryptocurrencies, bulwark sets itself apart from the pack by laying emphasis on developing hardware from ground zero rather than just software and obfuscation to truly give a user the utmost control over their privacy.

Below are 3 major upgrades that Bulwark plans to implement in the near future to achieve their goals

The Steps Being Undertaken by the Bulwark Team at present include:

Bulwark Secure Home Node

Teaming up with some of the top CAD specialists, Bulwark launched its Secure Home Node in the month of May. This means you can now host masternodes through your home network without being an expert. All you need is a power outlet and a good internet connection and you’re good to go.

The Home Node Kit is available for purchase at the official store for just $100 (paid in BWK). Note, to operate the node, you’ll need 5000 BWK tokens as collateral (not included in the package)

Hardware Wallet

Bulwark is also in the process of coming with their open source hardware wallet which means your BWK tokens can be stored safer than ever. Also, since it’s an open source wallet, the community has the right to release updates bad bug fixes.

With the wallet, Bulwark aims to provide its community with a wallet option that’s cheap yet secure. Now I am sure most you use the Nano wallets and while it performs really well, the closed source component is sure an area for concern (surely a weakness for Bulwark to exploit).

Home Router

The Bulwark Home Router is the all-in-one package which includes a Router, the Bulwark Wallet and also the Secure Home node. Since with the router all the traffic goes via the TOR (The Onion Router) your privacy is 100% in your own hands.

How to get started with Bulwark

Be part of the team

If you believe in the project, you sure got to be part of it. Now, if you could join their core development or marketing team or even develop apps, kudos. But if not, even something as small as featuring it on your blog or YouTube channel is sure to help spread the word and get more people involved.

Buy some BWK tokens

Another great and easier way to be part of the project is to buy some BWK tokens and stake them through any private wallet. Since Bulwark uses the Proof of Stake protocol, you get to act as the miner and earn few extra tokens without having to pay exorbitant electricity bills.

Setup a Masternode

Setting up a masternode is the best way to stake your tokens but note, you’ll need 5000 BWK to get started i.e. about $4000 approx. according to the current market status. The setup is simple and you can earn another 5000 BWK in just 8-9 months


The time to set up a mastenode and make your investment would be now as the market is currently bearish and cost of a masternode can go up to around $70000 during a bull market.

While the Bulwark project is sure worth a consideration, it’s recommended you only invest the money you’re open to loosing. Yup, the market can be tricky and can also result in huge losses.

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