What will be the price of Bitcoin in 2020?

All over the world, different celebrities are predicting the different price of bitcoin. Some say it will reach 1 million USD. Some say it will be 100K USD by 2020. But most of this guys aren’t using any kind of technical analysis or research to predict the price. They are mostly buffing out to boost the market sentiment. It’s like faking it till its made. So you can take such predictions by so-called crypto-currency celebrities with a pinch of salt. As most of them have already been proved wrong and have started taking U-turn in their predictions.

But then how can we predict what will be the price of Bitcoin in 2020?

Well, we can use various algorithms and do technical analysis on the past pricing chart or data of the Bitcoin and predict it.

One such site is CryptoGround you can visit their Bitcoin Price Prediction Page to see what will be the price of Bitcoin in the coming years. The data on the page is dynamic it changes based on the daily price of bitcoin. They apply a specialized algorithm which runs on an artificial neural network to predict the bitcoin price.

You can find many such sites in google who predict the price of Bitcoin for various coming years. Most of them either randomly buff out some figure or do some random technical analysis and put up a figure of their choice. We have tested the results of various such online tools and sites and found that this is one of the best sites to check out Bitcoin & Other Cryptocurrency Price Predictions.

Will the result be 100% accurate? Well, the thing is no one can actually predict the price of cryptocurrency. As there are tremendous no uncontrollable and unpredictable factors which affect the market. Like government policies, war, the situation of the economy in some countries, etc. So do not blindly bid on the prediction tools prices and do some research yourself too. Also, it is advisable to bid as much on cryptocurrency if lost can be digested.

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